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For National Silent Movie Day (Sept. 29), klezmer violinist extraordinaire Alicia Svigals and Donald will perform their score for Eleanor Antin's 1990 film, THE MAN WITHOUT A WORLD, at Bantam (CT) Cinema, Sept. 28 at 2pm. ... ut-a-world 

On the 29th they bring the same program to the Princeton (NJ) Garden Theatre ... ut-a-world 

Dennis Doros and Amy Heller, founders/directors of Milestone Films,  will introduce the film and join us for a Q & A. 

Alicia and Donald will be at Epsilon Spires in Brattleboro VT on Thurs. Sept. 22 with their score for CITY WITHOUT JEWS (1924), dir. Hans Breslauer. ... ia-svigals 

Pordenone peek: Donald has prerecorded a score for a delightful Swedish romcom that will be part of the Ruritania section of the Giornate, HANS KUNGL (1928) dir. Ragnar Hyltén-Cavallius. A young man becomes a barber, unaware that he is possibly the heir to the throne of Tirania. A countess is looking for a royal match for her daughter. The plot thickens. Also a Stan Laurel short, RUPERT OF HEE HAW (1924) dir. Scott Pembroke 

Oct. 12 Hamptons International Film Festival Donald plays his score, premiered at the Telluride Film Festival in September, for John Ford's KENTUCKY PRIDE, a fine tale of horses narrated by a young mare named Virginia's Future.

Oct. 22 La Grua Center, Stonington CT premiere of THE CHURCH WITH THE OVERSHOT WHEEL (1920) dir. Joseph Byron Totten, a Connecticut filmmaker's adaptation of an O. Henry story. Donald recorded a score this summer and will be there for a Q & A with Suzanne Harle, who restored the film and located the building used for the church. 

Nov. 1 LeMoyne College, Syracuse NY CITY WITHOUT JEWS Alicia Svigals and Donald Sosin 
Nov. 2 Workshop on silent film music Le Moyne College Joanna Seaton and Donald Sosin 
Nov. 3 or 6 TBA SUNY Binghamton (NY) THE ANCIENT LAW (1923) dir. E.A. Dupont Svigals and Sosin 
Nov. 5 George Eastman Museum Rochester NY THE ANCIENT LAW (1923) Svigals and Sosin 
Nov. 10 SHOES (1916) dir. Lois Weber Glimmerglass Film Days in Cooperstown NY 
Nov. 12-13 AFI Silver Four silent programs TBA Joanna Seaton and Donald Sosin 
Dec. 22 Yiddish New York, Manhattan THE MAN WITHOUT A WORLD, Svigals and Sosin








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