Coming events

It's been a year since our last live show in the US.  Thankfully, things are getting back to some sort of normal again. Donald has just returned from a week at Bologna's Cinema Ritrovato, performing music for films like DIE BERGKATZE (Lubitsch) and various Italian shorts. We hope to see you at one or more of these events in coming months! 

Sept. 2-6 Telluride Film Festival  TBA (Donald)

Sept. 9   Jackson Hole Center for the Arts  THE ANCIENT LAW (Donald and Alicia Svigals

Sept. 10 Jackson Hole, workshop

Sept. 12 Boise State University  THE ANCIENT LAW (Donald and Alicia Svigals)

Sept. 13 Boise State University: masterclass

Sept. 15 at 1pm and 18th at 1pm MOMA Bert Williams LIME KILN FIELD DAY & FISH  (Donald)  

Sept. 15 at 4pm and 18th at 4pm  MOMA Mack Sennett shorts (Donald)  

Sept. 17 at 1pm MOMA WHAT HAPPENED TO MARY?  (Donald)

Sept. 18 at 7pm  MOMA Biograph comedies (Donald)  

Sept. 19  SUNY Albany NY   CITY WITHOUT JEWS (Donald and Alicia Svigals)

Sept. 20  SUNY Albany NY masterclass

Sept. 22 at 1pm  MOMA Edison Social dramas

Sept. 26  University of Wisconsin, Madison  THE ANCIENT LAW  (Donald and Alicia Svigals)

Sept. 29  National Museum of Asian Art—Smithsonian (online)  THE GODDESS (Donald)

Oct. 2-9 Le Giornate del Cinema Muto, Pordenone TBA (Donald)

Nov. 13 AFI Silver  OUTSIDE THE LAW & THE SIGNAL TOWER (Donald and Joanna)

Nov. 14 AFI Silver CITY WITHOUT JEWS & THE MAN WITHOUT A WORLD (Donald and Alicia Svigals)

Nov. 20 Dewey Hall, Sheffield MA THE LODGER (Donald and Joanna)

Dec. 11 Highland Park NJ Synagogue THE ANCIENT LAW (Donald and Alicia Svigals)






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